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Bamboo Toothbrush Starter Pack

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This Wholesale Starter Pack Includes:

  • 12 Packs of 4x Bamboo Toothbrush


Why is bamboo toothbrush better than plastic? Bamboo decomposes in a landfill 300 years earlier than its plastic counterpart. We outlive all the toothbrushes we use in our lifetime 😲

Why is THIS toothbrush better than other bamboo toothbrushes?

  •  They come in a set of 4, each with a unique carved design on both sides. Tell instantly which one is yours. No more guesswork!
  • Use the clever month indicator to mark which month you start using it. Replace it every 3 months for hygiene purposes (as recommended by the American Dental Association).
  • Soft activated charcoal bristles help keep your teeth white and healthy. They are thin enough to go to those hard to reach in-between's and are so durable, the bristles won't fall off after months of use.
  • Extra smooth finish on the handles, absolutely no splinters from wood.
  • Only sustainable 'Moso Bamboo' type is used - a very durable, smoothly finished bamboo handle that you can grip comfortably. It's the same size as your average plastic toothbrush so, you can easily switch without having to adjust your grip.
  • 1 pack of 4 toothbrushes is one year's supply for one person.

We are inspired by animals (that's why we drew them on our toothbrushes). It's because we love them that we'd rather not have their hair used as bristles to be a 100% compostable product. The closest alternative to get a high quality toothbrush is nylon. Yes, there's plastic but, you're already reducing your plastic toothbrush waste by 95%.


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    We use only the best quality, responsibly grown sustainable bamboo.

    moso bamboo bamboo toothrbrush

    Nup toothbrushes are approved by the Food and Drugs Administration.

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    Bamboo Toothbrush Starter Pack

    $108.00 $180.00

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