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Shampoo Bar - Clean Ocean

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"I've just bought my second batch of your shampoo bars. At first I wasn't sure of shampoo bars are for me but the plastic waste from shampoo bottles seemed just so unnecessary. I'm glad I made the switch. My hair feels great and smells nice. After the shampoo bar is gone, I don't have to worry about plastic waste. Thank you." 

-Sarah R., Nup Customer



Nup Shampoo bars are concentrated solid bars of essential oils and shampoo that lathers really nicely and smells good. The are so compact, they take so little space in your bathroom and is a great travel buddy too!



Shampoo Bars leave no plastic waste after you use them

  • Great for Scalp- It's great for your scalp and hair since it contains natural extracts like Olive Oil / Shea Butter / Aloe Vera that are rich in antioxidants which battle free radicals
  • Plastic-free packaging- packaged in a recyclable kraft paper box
  • Save Money - They are concentrated pucks of shampoo that can outlast two to three bottles of regular liquid shampoo (one bar will last up to 80 washes, depending on hair length)
  • How to use - the best way to use shampoo bars is to lather the bar in your hands with water before applying the suds to your hair. For us with sensitive scalp, diluting the bar with water makes it more gentle than liquid shampoo.


We're sure you'll love our products and your family and friends will, too. By purchasing bundles, you save more. See bundles here.



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    Frequently Asked Questions...

    What are Shampoo Bars?

    Shampoo bars compact, solid, round versions of liquid shampoo. They remain dry and whole until you wet them with water to make a foam.


    What are Shampoo Bars made of?

    The major ingredients of our Shampoo Bars are Water, Sodium Chloride or ‘salt’, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Glycerin, Organic compounds derived from Coconut Oil, Natural Fatty Acids and natural additives such as Olive Oil (Nup Clean Ocean Bar), Aloe Vera (Nup Tropical Trees Bar), Shea Butter (Nup Pink Sky Bar). Each ingredient is commonly used on beauty products and safe to use. For example, Sodium Laureth Sulfate can be found in products that become foamy like face wash, toothpaste, liquid shampoo. They are best in removing oil, dirt, and dead skin cells from skin and scalp. This makes it easy for water to wash away any remaining dirt.


    Who can use Shampoo Bars?

    Anyone who is using regular liquid shampoo can make the switch. Shampoo bars is a better alternative for people with sensitive scalps because of the way it is applied. To use it, foam is lathered on the palm before it is applied to the scalp. This method is more gentle compared to liquid shampoo directly touching your scalp.



    How do I use Shampoo Bars

    There are 3 easy steps involved in using Shampoo Bars.

    1. First, lather in the palm of your hands with water
    2. Apply the foam to  your hair
    3. Rinse hair with water


    How different are they from liquid shampoo?

    Liquid shampoo contains the same sulphates as Shampoo Bars but because you directly apply liquid shampoo to your scalp, it can cause irritation for some people. Foaming the Shampoo Bar in your hands first and applying the foam to your hair makes it less harsh than its liquid counterpart.


    How different are they from body soap?

    The primary difference between shampoo bars and regular body soap is the quality and quantity of fats and essential oils used to make them. At times, the fat used in body soaps are often of lower quality, that's why it is cheaper when mass produced. Shampoo bars need a higher quality and quantity of ingredients to make. 


    Are Shampoo Bars more expensive than regular liquid shampoo?

    Not really. There is more than meets the eye with shampoo bars. One shampoo bar lasts up to at least 80 washes (depending on length and thickness of hair), which is the equivalent of three regular plastic shampoo bottles. You will actually be saving money while saving the environment at the same time.


    Are there other uses for Shampoo Bars?

    Because Shampoo Bars are packed with a lot more moisturizers, it often does a better job than most body soaps. Some people like to travel light and bring only the bare essentials, so they choose to use Shampoo Bars as body soap (and even as detergent for those small articles of clothing).


    Can I travel with Shampoo Bars?

    Absolutely. Shampoo Bars are TSA approved and can travel with you in your hand carry bag. This makes them very convenient to travel with, plus with it’s multi-purpose nature, you travel with less things in your travel kit.


    Why should I make the switch?

    Because you can contribute to a collective impact. At Nup Living, we try our best to bring together products that has the most minimal amount of plastic without sacrificing quality, beauty and safety. A lot of plastic waste comes from the lack of alternatives. By providing equally great (or even better) alternatives to liquid shampoo packaged in plastic bottles, we hope people like you can help reduce plastic waste. We think that if more consumers like you and me demand solutions, more creative ways of solving our plastic problem will pop up :-)

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      Shampoo Bar - Clean Ocean

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