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Why should I choose a Bamboo Toothbrush over my Plastic Toothbrush? 

A Bamboo toothbrush will clean just as well and last just as long as your regular plastic toothbrush, with the added benefit of being better for the environment. Plastic pollution has been critically affecting our planet leaving devastating landfills and killing millions of animals. With our toothbrush you effectively reduce your plastic usage in comparison to a regular plastic toothbrush. 

What are the bristles made of? 

We want to offer the highest quality toothbrushes without losing sight of our values for sustainability and making the world a better place. We chose to use high quality nylon because it has a lower hardness (which is good for your teeth) and a lower water absorption (which is good for keeping your brush hygienic) compared to other types of nylon. Nylon is a strong, durable and hygienic synthetic material with a carbon footprint that is comparable to wool. Additionally our bristles are infused with 100% Natural Charcoal to help keep your teeth white. 

Why are you not using natural bristles? 

We have done extensive testing with natural and plant based bristles, but we found that the bristles start to fall out or become otherwise unusable within 1 to 2 weeks. Our goal is to always offer a high quality but also durable product that serves its intended purpose well. Another alternative is using boar hair which we had to refuse for ethical reasons. 

Every alternative to plastic has its drawbacks and after careful consideration, we decided to use nylon for its high quality and durability. Since the handle and the packaging are completely plastic free, you effectively reduce your plastic waste by 98% in comparison to if you used a regular plastic toothbrush. 


What are the benefits of charcoal bristles? 

Charcoal toothbrushes have many of the same benefits as charcoal toothpaste. Activated charcoal properties built into the bristles, so there’s no need for messy charcoal powder. It absorbs plaque and bacteria rather than rubbing it across the teeth. It also helps whiten teeth and fights teeth stains left by things like coffee and red wine. 

How do I dispose of the toothbrushes? 

Before disposing of your used toothbrush, please consider using it for cleaning purposes to lengthen its life. Bamboo naturally decomposes in nature so you can dispose of the handle easily. The bristles may be removed from the handle using pliers and disposed of responsibly like the other plastics. This will vary depending on your area.   

How do I use the Month Indicator? 

Our toothbrushes are unique for a number of reasons and our clever month indicator is so far the most exciting bit. Simply use a permanent marker to mark the month you start using your toothbrush. Remember, good oral hygiene dictates a toothbrush replacement every 3 months. 


Where do you deliver and what are the costs? 

We ship worldwide from our warehouse in California, USA. We offer free shipping within the US. Free shipping worldwide is activated for purchase $40 and above for Priority Shipping. 

Are Bamboo Toothbrushes more expensive than Plastic Toothbrushes? 

One reason why Plastic is so popular is because it is cheap to make. Our Toothbrushes are a little bit more expensive than regular Plastic Toothbrushes, but due to our bundling system we are keeping the costs as low as possible. For a single pack of 4 of our Bamboo Toothbrushes you pay 3.75USD per toothbrush. If you buy our bundle of 6 packs, you get up to 40% discount and Free Worldwide Shipping, bringing your price per toothbrush down to only 2.6USD. 




What are Shampoo Bars? 

Shampoo bars compact, solid, round versions of liquid shampoo. They remain dry and whole until you wet it with water to make a foam. 


What are Shampoo Bars made of? 

The major ingredients of our Shampoo Bars are Water, Sodium Chloride or ‘salt’, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Glycerin, Organic compounds derived from Coconut Oil, Natural Fatty Acids and natural additives such as Olive Oil (Nup Clean Ocean Bar), Aloe Vera (Nup Tropical Trees Bar), Shea Butter (Nup Pink Sky Bar). Each ingredient is commonly used on beauty products and safe to use. For example, Sodium Laureth Sulfate can be found in products that become foamy like face wash, toothpaste, liquid shampoo. They are best in removing oil, dirt, and dead skin cells from skin and scalp. This makes it easy for water to wash away any remaining dirt. 


Who can use Shampoo Bars? 

Anyone who is using regular liquid shampoo can make the switch. Shampoo bars can be a better alternative for people with sensitive scalps because of the way it is applied. To use it, foam is lathered on the palm before it is applied to the scalp. This method is more gentle compared to liquid shampoo directly touching your scalp. 


How do I use Shampoo Bars 

There are 3 easy steps involved in using Shampoo Bars.

  1. First, lather in the palm of your hands with water
  2. Apply the foam to  your hair
  3. Rinse hair with water


How different are they from Liquid Shampoo? 

Liquid shampoo contains the same sulphates as Shampoo Bars but because you directly apply liquid shampoo to your scalp, it can cause irritation for some people. Foaming the Shampoo Bar in your hands first and applying the foam to your hair makes it less harsh than its liquid counterpart. 


How different are they from Body Soap? 

The primary difference is the quality and quantity of fats and essential oils used to make it. At times, the fat used in these body soaps are often of lower quality so that it will be cheaper when mass produced. 


Are Shampoo Bars more expensive than regular liquid shampoo? 

Not really. There is more than meets the eye with shampoo bars. One shampoo bar lasts up to at least 80 washes (depending on the length and thickness of hair), which is the equivalent of three regular plastic shampoo bottles. You will actually be saving money while saving the environment at the same time. 


Are there other uses for Shampoo Bars? 

Because Shampoo Bars are packed with a lot more moisturisers, it often does a better job than most body soaps. Some people like to travel light and bring only bare essentials so they choose to use Shampoo Bars as body soap and even as detergent for those small articles of clothing. 


Can I travel with Shampoo Bars? 

Absolutely. Shampoo Bars are TSA approved and can travel with you in your hand carry bag. This makes them very convenient to travel with, plus with it’s multi-purpose nature, you travel with less things in your travel kit. 


Why should I make the switch? 

Because you can contribute to a collective impact. At Nup Living, we try our best to bring together products that has the most minimal amount of plastic without sacrificing quality, beauty and safety. A lot of plastic waste comes from the lack of alternatives. By providing equally great (or even better) alternatives to liquid shampoo packaged in plastic bottles, we hope people like you can help reduce plastic waste. We think that if more consumers like you and me demand solutions, more creative ways of solving our plastic problem will pop up :-) 


What is the Seller Program about? 

People frequently ask us what they can do to help the environment outside of their own household. We wanted to give people the option to buy our products at a wholesale price with Free Shipping so that they can make some extra money and help the environment at the same time. We have multiple successful sellers in various parts of the world. We actively communicate with them and brainstorm on the best ways to market the products and spread awareness regarding plastic pollution. Popular sales channels are online through social media, friends, family, natural stores, boutique stores, high end hotels, local supermarkets, and more. As our line of products continues to grow, we wish to have everything available to our sellers for wholesale price so that we can grow together and make a positive impact in our communities.

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