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Everything you need to become a profitable Business Owner

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By joining the Nup Business Program, you get unlimited access to knowledge on building your own business selling plastic-free eco products to your community.
No prior business experience required- just an open mind and a passion to bring positive impact to your community and our earth.
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Ever thought of starting your own business but are you not sure where to start? 
Do you want to have an additional source of income?
Do you want to contribute to your community in reducing plastic pollution?

The Nup Business Program is here to help.


Nup Business Program

An online coaching program to help you start your first business with plastic free eco products.

  • Learn about the world of business through my own personal experiences
  • Learn to build and scale your personal brand
  • Learn about offline and online opportunities, and how to capitalize on them
  • 8 Online Coaching sessions (10 to 16 hours)
  • Ongoing Q&A Team sessions (no limit)
  • How to build Facebook & Instagram Communities
  • How to use and optimize LinkedIn for your business
  • How to create efficient Ads on Social Media
  • How to find opportunities to sell offline in your local community
  • How we can support your product line expansion and other possibilities


Why We Care

For us humans to reduce our plastic waste, we need to change our ways. As a company, we realize that creating beautifully designed, durable, clever products (that are without a doubt much better than their plastic counterparts) is not enough. Without our collective decision to make the conscious switch to alternatives and better access to these products, the change we dream of seems so far away.

We continuously work hard to empower people like you to bring these products to your communities. The wholesale model will make these products more accessible to your locality. We hope you can be the ambassador to promote Minimal Plastic Living that your community needs.
Human connection is powerful and needed more than ever to inspire others to switch to compostable products that naturally degrade instead of polluting our landfills and oceans.
Let's work together to ignite change & action,
not complacency, nor fear, nor judgement.


Lifetime Access

Get lifetime access to wholesale prices when you join the Business Program.

Ongoing Support

Receive coaching from our coach to build your own business in your own community.

Free Delivery

Free delivery for all orders within the USA (3-5 day delivery) and worldwide for orders above $40. Our warehouse is in USA.

Step by step process

By simply purchasing a Starter Pack, you get instant access to the wholesale page and a whole lot of support to set up.

No hidden fees, no exclusive offers. Just plain 'Get Started' and we'll help you become successful. We've seen it happen many times in various set ups and each time is different.

This is why we think it's important to understand what you want to achieve and how you can make it happen in your community, your way.

Get Started


Step 1
Make your purchase of the Nup Starter Pack and get lifetime access.


Step 2

Once the purchase is complete, you will be able to schedule an Onboarding Session with someone from our team via email.


Step 3

Get access to hi-res image, other Nup digital marketing materials to support you in setting up shop.

Step 4

Join webinars with other business program members to further learn how to market your products both online and offline.

Our Passionate Partners Worldwide


Sought, EcoCompany              Festival Booths             Home/Online Seller
Rita, Lebanon                 Darina, Maldives                      Trinidad 

Online Seller                           Home/Online Seller                         Online Seller 
      Chantal, Singapore             Joseph, Sydney, Australia             Jair, The Netherlands

Our Promise

We won't promise you illusions of get-rich-quick millions but we do promise you:


reliable support/

meaningful impact/

honest feedback/

personal growth/

results from hard work/

rewarding experience/

authentic people/

...a beautiful journey to success.



What Our Partners Say

Miguel / USA

"The Coaching Sessions have been super helpful. I have learned much about Social Media but also how to be more confident and what to say when I have face to face meetings. Barry is patient and answers all my questions very clearly. The experience has been amazing!"

Darina / Maldives

"Support has been really great so far. Whatever I need help with I always get advice or help in all areas. Faye and Barry have been very responsive and friendly.The design of the toothbrushes is unique and the quality is outstanding. Same goes for the shampoo bars as well."

Rita / Lebanon

"It has been an amazing experience. In my first two months of selling I made deals with 8 pharmacies and 5 health stores. They continue to re-order and I am super motivated to continue building on this."

Get Started.

Simply purchase your first Starter Pack and you're set.             



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