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Three Ways Living Minimally Reduces Plastic Waste

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Minimalist living naturally helps reduce your plastic waste. Living minimally is not simply about buying less. It's more about being more mindful of how we consume and rethinking what really matters in our lives. Most people discover that what really matters is not tangible material things. They discover that meaningful experiences and loving relationships matter more than that next thing to buy.

How does this relate to plastic waste?

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1 Minimal plastic living means being more thoughtful about our consumption of everyday things. Forget about getting rid of all your plastic waste- at this point, it's still not realistic. Living with less in general means producing less waste. With plastic as a huge part of our waste, reducing plastic waste becomes a natural consequence of living minimally.

2 It makes it easier to switch to alternatives. Once you have a clear idea of your necessities. it will be easier to identify where your major long term plastic waste is coming from. Using disposable plastic toothbrushes? Maybe it's time to switch to bamboo. Throwing away bottles of shampoo every few months? Maybe shampoo bars are a good alternative.

3 It allows you to spend more meaningfully. Having fewer things to spend on will not only give you a better frame of mind, but it will also prevent you from spreading your budget too thinly. You can allow yourself to spend a little more to get better quality, longer-lasting stuff than cheap, disposable plastics.

Living minimally is not only good for our financial, mental, and emotional health, it's can also be good for our planet especially when we take our environment into account when we make decisions as responsible consumers.

When we make mindful lifestyle changes, we reap the beautiful benefits from this long-term commitment- and so does our earth. It's a wonderful thing to be able to do good for our planet and for our well-being at the same time.

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