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Minimal Plastic Living: What Does it Mean?

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What is minimal plastic living and why zero waste is a myth for 'regular' people. We may be familiar with this photo of 3 years worth of garbage from a person who has gone 'zero-waste'. 

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It's admirable to go zero waste but it's not the only way to help. Some people find it difficult to find the time to do an absolute zero waste. Because of this, many give up before even starting. The fact is that almost everything that involves convenience like food packaging requires some form of plastic. Yes, technology is trying to find alternatives but there is a long time needed before this becomes mainstream. Majority of people who want to help make a difference are turned off by this absolute way of thinking. if 100 of us take a step to reduce plastic waste in our own way, it will be far better than 100 doing nothing and 1-2 people doing absolute zero-waste.

Every little bit counts and whether it's going zero-waste or switching to reusable grocery bags, it's a step in the right direction. Living minimally is a lifestyle where we are content with living with less material things and filling our lives with meaningful experiences instead. Studies of people practicing minimalist have reported that benefits such as peace of mind, less stress, develop better relationships, better for the environment, less financial worry, and so forth.

Letting go of anything excessive naturally means reducing waste. This also means less stress. less financial burden, more time, and a better appreciation of people and events that truly matter. If going zero-waste seems daunting and intimidating, think of reducing plastic waste through a minimalist lifestyle. This is the essence of minimal plastic living. We decide how we want to impact our world and respecting each other's choices will encourage more to follow. Wouldn't that be great?

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