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Driftwood sculptures are made from wood that drift from beaches, riverbanks. These pieces are usually large and can obstruct waterways. But because of their size, variety in texture and color, it becomes difficult for most to use. However, it is the perfect wood for driftwood artists who turn these to beautiful sculptures. The whole process simply starts with collecting driftwood from your surroundings (usually near a body of water where it can drift from).

You would have to envision how you want your sculpture to look like. Once you have a clear vision on what you want to create, it becomes easier to find and pick the piece of wood that will fit together. You may choose to draw your vision to help you in the process.

Then, you sort through your collection and select what you think would be good to piece together. Now is a great time to be creative and think of what you can create with these materials.

Next step is to clean each piece from mud and loose parts. Then you piece them together with the major stable piece anchoring to a stand. Some pieces are going to be difficult to cut, mostly because the age of the dry wood. It's important to constantly consider each piece's quality. Some wood may be rotten inside and might crumble the more you work with it.

Just like any art form, the forming process can be as long as you want it to be. Once you're satisfied with the form, you can choose to paint it or keep it bare. Painting it further preserves the wood and if it is meant to be outdoors, you might want to add and extra layer of protection.

The best thing about working with driftwood is that you create as you go, the process can be quite enjoyable. Because there is no predefined outcome, the results are hardly ever disappointing. Give it a try!

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