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A lot of our plastic waste in the world comes from single use disposables. But if we take a deeper look around the world, many cultures are adapting zero waste disposables. Here are the top 3.

green bamboo straws

1. In Vietnam, clever farmers have taken grass that grow in shallow river waters and turned them to straws- yes! drinking straws that typically gets used once and tossed, ending up in oceans. 500 million plastic straws are disposed of everyday in the USA alone. Most of these only used once, for a few minutes. The irony being that they last for decades somewhere in earth. Every single plastic straw you've used in your life still exists somewhere in the world- in a landfill or the oceans or traveling between both.

wooven coconut leaves

2 In many parts of south east Asia, food is still wrapped in banana and coconut leaves for take-away. Banana leaves are easy to find, flexible and fragrant. Coconut leaves are woven to diamond shaped pockets of rice. These leaves are woven by hand, rice grains poured in and then cooked with the leaves. The result? fragrant rice!

3 Nothing could ever beat disposable chopsticks instead moulded plastic cutlery. Once a pair of chopsticks are discarded, these long pieces of wood simply goes back to earth. Chopsticks have had a long history, going as far as 1200 B.C. They were originally cooking utensils made of bronze. A population boom has pushed won cost saving habits across many things in daily life, one of which is eating. To save, people started cutting up food into smaller bite-size piece. These were then perfect to eat chopsticks. Its popularity quickly spread across many parts of Asia. Today, there are used widely around the world.

These are 3 practices widely used today that isn't going away. I hope this will remind you to observe and your version of plastic free disposables around you.

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