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When we think about waste, we usually think of nasty, useless dirt. But thankfully, there are creative human beings that can see it other than that. We might be surprised by the beautiful things that can be created from these 'garbage'.

Here are 3 of the more extreme examples of waste turned into art.

1 This art installation is mostly created from two wooden step ladders drizzled with pieces timber, plastic, and metal become self-portraits using a projector at just the right angle. This shows sculptural art and the clever plays of light and shadow. Credits to artists Tim Noble and Sue Webster from London.

2 Sculptor James Doran-Webb creates masterpieces in driftwood immortalizing animals in motion. Many of his work feature animals in life-like positions mid hop, mid gallop, mid-flight. Driftwood comes from wood that has literally drifted from nearby bodies of water. They take a lot of time and patience to collect these random pieces of wood, but when they are put together, they can form splendid masterpieces.

3 Paul Baliker's driftwood art works are featured in the stunning Garden's by the Bay in Singapore, a massive 250-acrepark in the middle of the city. One of his many noteworthy sculptures is called 'A Matter of Time' which is made entirely of driftwood collected from the Gulf of Mexico. It features wildlife like dolphins, monkeys, turtles, giraffes and many more. At the center of it is a man holding a globe in his hand to represent our species' unique duty as guardians of our planet.

Although these are art works you would see admired in a museum or public space, it's a great inspiration for everyone to see the value and potential of seemingly useless waste to true visions of beauty. How have you turned your waste to art?

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